By allowing the bricklayer to force the pace of programme, they can be in control of the scaffolder. This incentivises both trades to work together to achieve a common goal: timely and quality completion of the programme. 

Harlequin Scaffolding Solutions Ltd has secured steady growth over the last two years and continues to grow within the market place. Utilising both ‘tube and fitting’ and ‘system’ scaffolding, Harlequin can accommodate and apply the best and most appropriate solution for any of your scaffolding projects. From multi storey high rise to low rise housing developments Harlequin can add value to your management and site teams.

Harlequin Scaffolding Solutions was set up to offer a solution to the market place, in the form of a brickwork and scaffolding package. 

This methodology enhances the partnership of the two trades, working in synergy to a successful conclusion of the contract. It is also beneficial to the control of the programme durations.

By keeping the scaffolding ‘in house’, this synergy enables the brickwork contractors to avoid any unnecessary delays to programmes that can be incurred by working with external scaffolding contractors.