About Harlequin

Harlequin Brickwork is the realisation of two of the most highly respected Directors in the construction and development industries.

Former founder and Managing Director of Landmark Brickwork Ltd, Billy Sutcliffe, and the former Commercial Director of Linden Homes Chiltern, Paul Parkhouse, combined their talents in 2011 to create something unique.

Harlequin has rapidly become one of the leading brands in the construction and developments sectors, and is continuously working towards being the first name on every major supply chain partners preferred database and tender lists.

Having secured steady and sustainable growth since 2011, Harlequin has emerged as a major player in the London and South East market with a commanding aria of diverse and challenging contracts.

In conclusion, Harlequin Brickwork Ltd has a wealth of construction and commercial expertise, with directors that are committed to providing their clients with a quality product, delivered on time, safely.

Billy Sutcliffe is a time served City and Guilds and Advanced Craft Bricklayer who served his apprenticeship with Shepherd Construction in York. Having moved to London from Leeds in 1984, he is a proven business builder. He co-founded Raven Building Services Ltd, where he enjoyed 5 years of unprecedented growth in the brickwork and stonework sector.

In 2001, Mr. Sutcliffe founded Landmark Brickwork Ltd. In his 10-year reign as Managing Director he created one of the giants of the construction industry. He departed in 2011 to set up Harlequin Brickwork and later joined forces with Paul Parkhouse to create something special.

Paul Parkhouse worked with Linden Homes founder Phillip Davies at the commencement of the company as a surveyor.

Before long, he became the Commercial Director of Linden Homes Chiltern.

Together they have built a strong sustainable business and an excellent working environment for the whole team.